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Uniting Australians to prepare for extreme weather
and know their local risks.

As the world continues to warm, the weather in
Australia is getting more extreme.

That's why NRMA Insurance is launching Help Nation,
an initiative that helps unite people,
communities, and organisations to
prepare for extreme weather
and know their local risks.

Our Role

We’re rolling out a country-wide
education program that will help Australians
understand their local risk so that they can
get prepared.

Your Role

Knowing your risk not only protects you,
it also helps to protect your community,
and as Australian communities become
more prepared, so does our country.

Get to know the extreme weather risks in your area

While extreme weather events are increasing in frequency and severity across Australia, the risks you and your community face differ depending on where in the country you live, and what time of year it is. Make sure you know what risks you should be preparing for.

Get your home prepared

Once you understand what extreme weather risks are affecting your area you can take action and help to prepare for them. Click the weather risks relevant to your area below to find out how to prepare for specific extreme weather events:

Make a plan

Preparing for an extreme weather event can make all the difference. It can keep your family safe, save the lives of your communities most vulnerable members and save you time when you need it the most. Scroll down to see two important things you can do to make sure you’re prepared:

Download the
Get Prepared app

Developed by Australian Red Cross and
NRMA Insurance, the Get Prepared app is
a digital emergency plan companion based on
Australian Red Cross' RediPlan® so you can take
care of yourself, your loved ones and what's
important. Download the app, complete your
RediPlan® and share it with your important people.

Attend an EmergencyRedi
Workshop in your local area

Join us at a free Australian Red Cross
EmergencyRedi™ Workshop. You'll
learn about your local risks and how
you can help protect not only yourself, but
your entire community.  

Check you're covered for the risks in your local area

Checking your insurance cover is an important step in getting prepared. Here are some steps you can take:

Check what you're covered for

Talk to your Insurer and find out whether you’re covered for your local risks. For example: Which disasters does the policy cover and for how much? 

Check your policy documents

Read your Product Disclosure Statement carefully. If you’re an NRMA Insurance customer, click here to log into your account and check your policy documents.

Check your level of cover

Use an online insurance calculator to get an idea on how much cover you need. Make sure it's enough to cover clean-up, rebuild costs and replacement costs.

At NRMA Insurance we have also created a number of tools, programs and partnerships so you can be prepared for extreme weather and know your local risk.

Learn about the impacts of last season’s extreme weather, and how to prepare for the season ahead.

Discover what should be included in an emergency kit so you can be ready for an extreme weather event.

Download house designs from our partner Resilient Building Council for sustainable homes ready to withstand the elements. 

Find practical information and tips to help manage anxiety and stress when extreme weather events occur. 

Complete Resilient Building Council’s online home assessment to get a resilience rating.

Help Hub gives eligible NRMA Insurance customers access to available discounts, Safety Challenges, Weather Alerts and more. 

Immerse yourself in articles, videos and interviews with The Hub, NRMA Insurance’s online magazine. 

Understand what causes an event, potential impacts, and how you can prepare.

The only way to protect our nation is as a nation. More to come.

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