Wild Weather Tracker

This summer, Australia experienced a series of extreme weather events, including scorching heatwaves, intense storms, and slow-moving cyclones. A study by NRMA Insurance revealed that a significant 47% of Australians encountered wild weather during this period.

The impact was severe, with NRMA Insurance receiving a 19,600 claims for weather-related damage to homes and vehicles; the highest number of home claims in almost two years. Home damage accounted for the majority of claims, with storms and hail causing significant destruction across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Surprisingly, 37% of those affected admitted they were caught off guard, lacking adequate preparation for the extreme weather they experienced. NRMA Insurance meteorologist Zac Segger emphasized the unpredictability of Australia's summer climate, urging vigilance and readiness.

Looking ahead to autumn, Segger warned of continued risks, particularly severe thunderstorms along the eastern seaboard. Despite recent extreme weather events, a concerning 31% of Australians still believe severe weather won't affect them personally.

Natalie Major, NRMA Insurance's Executive Manager of Claims, stressed the importance of proactive measures to safeguard homes and families. Preparation includes yard and roof maintenance, gutter cleaning, tree trimming, and home repairs.

The NRMA Insurance Wild Weather Tracker forms part of the Help Nation initiative, empowering Australians to prepare for extreme weather and understand local risks. Read the full Wild Weather Tracker Report for more information  and to learn how to prepare for the unpredictable forces of nature.

Tips to prepare your home for wild weather this Autumn

Keep your property safe

Maintain your yard to help protect your home before a storm strikes. Trim back tree branches that are closer to your roof or hanging over your home. Regular maintenance can help prevent potential damage to your home.

Organise repairs to your roof and balcony

Regular inspections and repairs can ensure your roof and balcony are ready to withstand wild weather. Have a licensed professional check for any potential issues that could expose your roof or balcony to damage during a storm.

Keep your car undercover

Take action when storm or hail is on the horizon Storms and hail can be incredibly destructive in just a few minutes. If possible, avoid driving during storms or wild weather and keep your car undercover.

What is the Wild Weather Tracker?

The Wild Weather Tracker is a report that monitors severe weather claims across New South Wales, Queensland, the ACT, South Australia, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania. We release these reports after every season, to encourage people to take action to protect their properties, vehicles and the community from the impacts of wild weather.

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