5 things you can
do to help prepare
for hail.

Keep your car

Many cars are damaged in outdoor carparks, near train and bus stations, and shopping centres. So, if you know there is a chance of hail, try to catch public transport instead of driving and keep your car undercover to avoid damage.

Secure or move any
outdoor furniture or loose
items in your yard​

Hail often accompanies strong winds, by removing or securing outdoor furniture and items you reduce the risk of them damaging your property.

Trim any
overhead branches

Branches near your home or contents could fall in heavy winds and become a hazard. Always be careful and get a professional to do these tasks if it’s too dangerous to do it yourself.

Clear your gutters
and downpipes regularly​

Blocked gutters and downpipes can cause
water to enter your home in a storm.

Consider getting a professional
to do a roof assessment​

Make sure you don’t have any cracks, leaks or porous tiles that could be damaged by hail and allow water into your home during a storm.​

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